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NO PARKING at rear of building

Oct 25 2019

IBMC does acknowledge that Parking is difficult - more so since the cycle lane.

Sadly we must strictly enforce the "no parking"  at the rear of the Medical Centre - this parking is for Doctors, Ambulances and drop off or pick up only for our disabled patients.

There are two, at a squeeze three disabled car parks at the front of the building.

There are four signs advising of "Strictly No Parking" Please do not get offended if you are asked to move.

Thank you so much for your understanding



Measles is currently all over the media at the moment , we need to be prepared. Those patients that are over 50 years of age will be immune.

Sep 03 2019


If you have any of the following symptoms - please do not come into the practice as measles is

highly infectious and it puts us all at risk, especially small babies who can't be

immunised until they are at least 6 months old.  

Those patients that are over 50 years of age will be immune.

Ph 04 3837647 and speak to one of our nurses or your Doctor

and we will advise you what to do next!


  1. a persistent high fever
  2. a cough
  3. a runny nose
  4. sore and watery "pink" eyes
  5. sometimes small white spots on the back inner cheek of your mouth

Day 3 - 7 of illness a blotchy rash which tends to start on your face, behind the ears,

before moving over your head and down you body.   You will be infectious from 5 days before and five days after the rash appears.

This rash will last for up to a week.

If you are concerned about you or your family feel free to ring 04 3837647.

Please don't come into the practice as this

may infect further people.



Price Increase - Monday 15th July 2019

Jun 28 2019

As of Monday the 15th of July 2019

There will be cost increase to our charges as follows

Under 14's  remain no charge

14-17 year olds will increase to $38.00

18 -24 year olds will increase to $43.00

25-64 years of age will increase to $48.00

over 65's will increase by to $46.50

Casual Rates increase to $96.00

Community Service Card holders rates will increase to $13.00 for 14-17 year olds  -  $19.00 for 18 years of age and over

Other than casual rates, ACC charges remain the same.

Script Fees will remain the same.

An updated list of our costs will be in our reception area as soon as they are printed

Missed appointments will now incur a charge of $20 - it is important that you cancel your appointment if you are not coming so that others can use the time.

Smoking Cessation Text Message Update

Jun 18 2019

On Friday the 14 June 2019  Vensa Health in conjunction with Island Bay Medical Centre sent out a text message to many of our patients regarding their smoking status – many ex-smokers and non-smokers received this message - our apologies for any inconvenience caused.    This caused a few patients to be concerned about privacy - Vensa have contacted the privacy commissioner and the Ministry of Health for an updated ruling and guidance. (see Vensa's message below) 

Vensa Health is supporting many practices and District Health Boards nationwide to help with health related targets. This saves our nurses and doctors hours of work  so that they can spend more time on direct patient related contact/work
Message from Vensa Health
This is a short notice from Vensa Health updating you on the exciting new tech offerings your trusted GP, and Vensa, are bringing to market. All aimed at making health care more affordable and accessible in the community.
Recently a Wellington-based practice ran their first Ministry of Health required campaign contacting smoking patients to help reduce smoking and related illnesses. Vensa was proud to be a part of this and we look forward to providing more technology to help improve the primary care sector and your GP deliver Health-care to the community.  
If you received a message from your local GP (which may have also had Vensa on it) please be re-assured the purpose of the platform is to help the medical centres support their patients in receiving preventative primary care services  (Also part of Ministry of Health Target compliance). The specific campaign is to provide advice and assistance to enrolled patients around specific initiatives eg: smoking brief advice, baby immunisations. Vensa does NOT use or disclose any personal information. Control and privacy of information remain with your GP practitioner.
Vensa has been through a process of getting consent from the privacy commissioner on this and is operating on guidelines with the Ministry of Health.
Please visit Vensa.com for more information.

New Social Work support service at IBMC

May 16 2019

  • Island Bay Medical Centre now has a Registered Social Worker called Gayleen who maybe able to help you in a variety of circumstances.
  • This new service allows Island Bay Medical Centre the opportunity to give our patients more "voice, choice and hope" in whatever situation they are facing.
  • Let your Doctor or Practice Nurse know if you are interested or alternatively phone our reception    04 3837647 and ask to speak to Gayleen.

                Gayleen's hours of work are:-

                Tuesday and Friday 1pm-5pm and Thursday 8.30am - 5pm

  • Gayleen will make an appointment with you to have an initial talk about your concerns and establish if further help can be offered.  This service is FREE for all patients.


Manage My Health - having difficulty finding your way around the Manage My Health application?

Apr 11 2019

For those of you that might be having difficulty finding there way around the Manage My Health application:-

Help is here!

Dr Richard Medlicott our IT guru has offered to do some early evening training sessions - If you are interested please

give Darlene our Practice Manager a call or email Reception to note your interest.  Once we have a list of interested people we can then arrange a suitable time.

Phone 04 3837647 or email Reception@ibmc.co.nz with you name and contact details

Movin March Competition Winners

Apr 11 2019



We are very pleased to announce the winners of the two Kogan Fitness watches -

Congratulations to -

Miss Ava Dymond and Miss Dannielle Kan

Our Practice winner for doing the most steps for March was

Dr Melanie Webster 388906 with the following staff close behind

Amelia (Nurse) 333231,

Dr Regina Jefferies 319117,

Julie (Reception)  306717

Thank you to all that participated in both the challenge and the competition.


Flu Vaccines will be available from 1 April 2019

Mar 26 2019



Our Flu vaccines have arrived so  we are all set to start vaccinating from the 1st April.

Ideally we would like to use the flu clinics for these bookings so we can keep the practice screens for our other routine appointments.  However if you have an appointment with your Doctor they may be able to vaccinate you at the same time.


Cost:-  of  flu vaccine this year is $35 for those not funded.


Funded influenza vaccine is available each year for patients who meet the following for 2019


            •Pregnant women (any trimester)


            •People aged 65 years and older


           •People aged under 65 years with any of the medical conditions listed on the below website:-



           •Children aged 4 years or under who have been hospitalised for respiratory illness or have a history of significant respiratory illness


Clinics Dates:-

  • Friday’s  5th & 12th April and 10th and 17th May 2019

  • Saturday clinics 6th April, 13th April , 27th April and the 4th May 2019  8am to 3pm


Saturday Clinics:-

FLU ONLY:- Adults only (11years and older)  - 5 min appointments    -  Patients are able to book these online now!


IMMUNISATION CLINICS:- 10min appointments :   These need to be booked with reception PLEASE phone 3837647 - you may wish to book this clinic and your flu injection with reception so you can co-ordinate the times.       

This immunisation clinic is to catch those that require other vaccines such as Zostavax (shingles) 65-80 years of age, HPV Gardisil, MMR, 45/65 ADT (Tetanus),  

child flu less than 11 years of age.



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