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New Service - Nurse Prescribing

Aug 09 2018

 New Service - Nurse Prescribing

Island Bay Medical Centre is currently looking at new ways to make healthcare more accessible and cost effective for our patients.

As part of this new initiative, we are currently training our Nurse Manager Fiona to be able to prescribe for common conditions. (see the list below).

If at any stage you or your family members develop any of these conditions would you please consider booking an appointment with Fiona?

This is so she can get as much exposure as possible to these common conditions.   Fiona will have a doctor working alongside her of the next few months until she qualifies.

There will be no increase in fees for this new service . In most cases if will be a lesser charge.


Please let reception know when booking – or if using manage my health book with your normal Doctor but kindly write in the reason for booking section – NURSE OK


Current issues you can book with Fiona for include.


•             Skin infections / wounds / nappy rash

•             Eczema

•             Conjunctivitis

•             Asthma – exacerbation

•             STI check in women

•             Urinary tract infection in women

•             Vaginal discharge

•             Emergency contraception

•             Sore throats - children over 5 years

•             Sore ears - children over 5 years

Price Increase - Monday 16th July 2018

Jul 10 2018

As of Monday the 16th of July 2018

There will be a slight cost increase to some of our charges from Monday the 16th July 2018

Under 13's remain no charge

13-17 year olds remain the same at $37.50

18 -24 year olds remain the same at $41.50

25-64 years of age will increase by $1.50 to $46.50

over 65's will increase by 50 cents to $45.50

Casual Rates are $93.00

Script Fees will increase slightly to $17 for pick up and $21 for faxed

Urgent same day scripts remain the same at $28

House calls are $120.00

An updated list of our costs will be in our reception area as soon as they are printed


Island Bay Medical Centre Monthly Chat Group - Tell us what your think!

Jul 06 2018

We have set up a new monthly chat group, come and join us at the local          Community Centre for afternoon tea where we can :-

       · Discuss topics of interest.

· Have a Healthcare  Professional come and talk about a specific concern or interest.

·  Questions and Answers (if we don't know we will try and find out).

· Discuss what could we do better?

· Discuss what is working well?

. Discuss our communities needs.

 Where:- Island Bay Community Centre—behind the Chemist.

 When:-  Every third Wednesday of the month - first meeting will be 15th August 2018.

Time:- 2pm—3pm.

Please come and join - we value your views.



Apr 26 2018

On Tuesday afternoon it appears that ours, South End Motors and Brew'd telephone cables were accidently cut. 

Getting through to us may be difficult with just one line in via a cell phone (free calling to you).  Spark have diverted all our calls to this single mobile phone until the lines can be repaired

Spark have told us a contractor is coming to get the cable repaired hopefully this morning (Thursday) -

Latest update is by 7pm Friday evening 27th April 2018.

You will be able to book an appointment from this website by using the orange button top right corner.

If you have Manage My Health you can order a script,  book an appointment, or email your Doctor via your app

Please bear with us.  Our apologies for the inconvenience

FLU VACCINES have arrived - kindly check below first prior to booking

Apr 06 2018

Our Flu vaccines are here.

Clinic's are available FRIDAY'S ONLY at this stage -  first clinic starting 13 April 2018.

Bookings for clinic's are currently limited to patients 16 yrs of age and over.

Under 16's can still be booked - just let reception know.

Under 3's - we are still waiting for the vaccine's to arrive. 

NB:  These Friday clinics are set up for flu vaccines only - any other requirements will need a separate appointment

Where possible we suggest you try to book with the Doctor that you are registered with

Mar 26 2018

Where possible we suggest you try to book with the Doctor that you are registered with


At Island Bay Medical Centre we feel that your health care is better in the long run if you get to know a particular Doctor and where possible see that same Doctor each time you come.   That way you get to know each other.  This is particularly important for long term health conditions, but also for trust, understanding and for us to know where you are coming from.  It makes for more effective, and enjoyable, general practice/family medicine.

Each person registered here as a patient has a specific Doctor who is responsible for overseeing that person’s health care (eg. all correspondence about your health will come to that Doctor, and we are often thinking about more complex issues between consultations).

Of course we are not here 24/7 and we appreciate that sometimes you need and/or want to be seen ASAP, and will try to make the best plan for you being seen as much as we can.

Flu Vaccines/Immunisations

Mar 08 2018



The 2018 Flu Vaccines will not be available in New Zealand until April 2018.  The current information that we have is that they will arrive by mid-April.  This vaccine has been developed to cover 4 strains that affected the northern hemisphere in winter.

There should be some media coverage/publicity about this when they arrive.

Once the vaccines do arrive we will be running "flu clinics" for those wishing to be immunised.

The vaccine is fully funded for all patients over the age of 65, for people with respiratory disease (COPD and asthma requiring preventative treatment), for people with heart disease, and some other long term medical conditions.  All pregnant women are funded to have the vaccine.  Other people are encouraged to consider paying to have this vaccine to reduce their risk of influenza and it potentially serious complications.  The cost will be $35 per immunisation  for those not funded.

Use our BOOK NOW to book an appointment with YOUR DOCTOR. If there are no times that suit or you need an appointment with someone else kindly ring reception on 04 3837647 as they may have appointments available that are not shown.

Feb 14 2018

You can now book an appointment from this website if you are a registered patient with Island Bay Medical Centre

  • Top right had corner of the home page  you will find an orange button - Book Now
  • Press the button and it will take you to a booking page
  • From there click your Doctor and your preferred date
  • times of available appointments for that day will show at the bottom of the screen
  • Click on the time you want the appointment  and press the Green BOOK button
  • You will then be required to put in your email address and a short explanation of why you need the appointment, tick the Terms and Conditions and lastly click the blue box Book Appointment you will then be sent confirmation of your appointment via email.
  • If you don't have ManageMyHealth™ you will be asked to enter the First Name, Last name and Date of Birth and hit “Continue”. Note: If the patients name or Date of Birth do not match the details on the PMS-the patient gets a message asking to contact the Health Centre directly.

    Once you hit “Continue” and the details are matched, you must enter your phone number, reason for appointment and setup a password -  then press “Book appointment”. This password can then be used to book appointments again in the future. (see below)

  • It is important that you book appointments with your own Doctor for continuity of care

Please Note:  - This is for NON - URGENT appointments only -  If you require an URGENT appointment please phone  04 3837647 and speak to one of our Receptionist's or Nurse's

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