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Menactra, an immunisation against some groups of meningococcal disease

Nov 17 2017

In 2012 due to a case of meningococcal disease some children will have been given a vaccination called Menactra, this is an immunisation against some groups of meningococcal disease.  At this time,  parents who requested the vaccination to protect their children were given the option of a reminder for a booster of this vaccination if their children were still at risk.

Currently Menactra is recommended and funded from 2 years of age for special groups as follows:

  • One dose for a close contacts of meningococcal disease case
  • Two doses for individuals post-haematopoietic stem cell transplantation; or following immunosuppression due to steroid or other immunosuppressive therapy longer than 28 days
  • Up to three doses plus booster doses (as appropriate) for individuals pre- or post-splenectomy; pre- or post-solid organ transplantation; with functional asplenia; complement deficiency (acquired or inherited); or who are HIV-positive

Menactra is not funded but can be administered as a booster if your child is in the following groups:

  • travelling to high-risk countries or before the Hajj
  • adolescents and young adults living in communal accommodation (e.g. in a hostel or at boarding school, in military accommodation, in correctional facilities or in other long-term institutions)

Therefore we are recommending that unless your child is at risk as per the criteria above, that they do not need the booster for this vaccine and we will take them off our reminder list.

However, feel free to call us on 383 7647 to make an appointment if you would still like your child to have the booster or if you would like further information about this.

Dr Regina Jefferies - New Patients

Nov 07 2017

Island Bay Medical Centre is very pleased to announce that Dr Regina Jefferies has joined our team permanently and is now accepting new patients from the Island Bay catchment area which extends as far as Melrose - Berhampore - Happy Valley  and Houghton Bay.


Take Control of your Health - Free Self Management Course

Oct 18 2017

Compass Health are providing a free self management course that could improve your life!

This course is suitable for people with health conditions such as:-

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Conditions
  • Stroke
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Chronic Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Migraine or Headaches
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Weight Concerns

Previous participants comments:-

"I found the course helpful in that it helped me understand my health conditions that had been worrying me"

"Listening to others share in a safe environment helps with your own issues and problems"


 When:-   MONDAYS 30TH OCTOBER TO 11 DECEMBER 2017 - 11AM -1.30PM


Book by ringing Compass Health on 0508 697 626 or email smcourse@compasshealth.org.nz

Light Refreshments will be served


Cornerstone - Accreditation (Aiming for Excellence)

Aug 28 2017

On Tuesday the 5th of September 2017,  Island Bay Medical Centre will be embarking on their 5th accreditation cycle (Cornerstone).   Two assessors will be here at the Medical Centre from 8.30am - 3.30pm, checking, meeting,  talking and observing.   Cornerstone is a huge but worthwhile undertaking, with the full process taking four years of hard work and commitment by the whole team.   A full assessment takes place at the end of the fourth year on completion of 33-40 indicators.  (9-10 indicators per year)   

CORNERSTONE® Aiming for Excellence is the pinnacle benchmark for general practices that offer five star service to their patients. 

What is Aiming for Excellence?

While Aiming for Excellence is not compulsory, it is a valuable patient-centred approach to primary health care that every practice across New Zealand should strive to achieve.

The focus for CORNERSTONE® lies in facilities, processes and procedures, and includes legal standards and best practice.



Dr Samara Whitham - Maternity Leave

Aug 28 2017

Dr Samara Whitham is currently on Maternity Leave and will not be returning until August 2018.  We all wish her well.  If you are one of Samara's patients please feel free to book with either Dr Melanie Webster or Dr Regina Jefferies.  If they are not available any one of the other Doctors will be happy to assist.



Manage My Health - Join Today

Aug 02 2017

The team here at Island Bay Medical Centre will be actively promoting you to join Manage My Health.  The process is simple and the team are here to talk you through this.

Once you have access you will be able to do so much from the comfort of your own home in your own time (any time)

Some of the services are:

  • Access your Medical Records on line
  • Book appointments with your Doctor
  • Request repeat prescriptions
  • View your results
  • Communicate with your Doctor or Nurse via the app on your computer or phone
  • Track your goals

You will have your health record at your finger tips should you need it. 

and much more!!! 

To learn more go to the top right of this page - click on Health Care Online


Fees Increase

Jul 07 2017

As of Monday the 10th July 2017 there will be a slight increase to our patient fees - in most cases just 50 cents - 

However for those patients with Long Term Conditions the co payment will decrease to $20 for all visits - Your first visit will still remain free

Website fees will be updated  Monday the 10th


Island Bay Medical Centre is becoming a Health Care Home Practice

Jun 27 2017

Island Bay Medical Centre has always had a patient centred philosophy,  and has strived to provide health care for our patients  which is appropriate, evidence based and as conveniently as we are able.  In becoming a health care home Island Bay Medical Centre are acknowledging that the way we provide health care needs to change in order to continue to provide quality health care in a sustainable way.   

What is a Health Care Home?

The Health Care Home is a model of care centred on a patient’s individual needs. The model enables patients to access same day appointments according to needs, provides extended hours of access and also allows patients to have virtual consultations with GPs via phone, or secure messaging as appropriate.  Patients will also have access to their clinical information through patient portals (Manage My Health). The model involves multi-disciplinary teams which can include not only the general practice team, but hospital specialists and community nursing teams to support patients to maximise their own health.  A key component of this “integrated” health team is that it enables DHBs and Primary Care to work in partnership to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients and the wider community.  The model results in a more comprehensive and cohesive system of health care that is: proactive, responsive and effective, with members of the general practice team being supported  to provide the best possible care enabling  patients to have more control over their healthcare and also to reduce health disparities.

Patients in a Health Care Home can expect:

The Practice to be a nice place to visit. A calm reception area where reception staff can focus completely on patient needs.

Easier access and more choice. Patients can access the Medical Centre online to book appointments, contact their GP or nurse, view lab results and look at their clinical information. This can save patients time and the hassle of a trip to see us in some situations. Patients can also phone, or make an appointment in the usual way and may be able to speak directly to a GP.

Access to care when it is urgently needed. If you phone a Health Care Home practice, you will be able to get an appointment on the same day if it is clinically necessary. At times you will be able to speak directly to a GP about your care before an appointment is made.

More services. Health Care Home Practices are expanding services so that patients can get additional urgent care (such as intravenous antibiotics and management of deep vein blood clots) thereby avoiding unnecessary trips to the Emergency Department for some conditions. 

Better management of ongoing health conditions. Many patients who have ongoing health conditions will find that a Health Care Home makes it easier to plan and manage their health care, and enable them to maintain their quality of life. Practices will work with patients to set goals around health and wellbeing, and plan care to achieve those goals.   A Health Care Home is focused on creating a partnership with patients, ensuring that there is appropriate time with a clinician to manage their health conditions.

Better service at hospital or After Hours. With the use of portals the Hospital and After Hours staff will be able to see patients’ health information, allowing them to provide better and more personalised care.

Health Care Home - Doctor Triage Service

What is Triage?

•You will notice that if you phone for an appointment for the same day you may be told the call will be triaged.

•This means that a doctor or nurse will phone you back to assess your needs, usually within 30 minutes.

•It may be your problem can be solved over the telephone or by a prescription or by seeing a more appropriate person than the doctor.

•If your problem is urgent, and you need to be seen that day, triage ensures that you will be seen. It might even mean you will be seen quicker.

Why is Island Bay Medical Centre making these changes?

•In becoming a Health Care Home we are trying to become more innovative and patient focussed - providing care based on need and more locally if possible.   •We are aware that the demand for appointments is on the increase and the range of services we wish to offer will need to increase.  We understand that there is therefore a need to create more capacity in General Practice.  We need to be able to offer you different ways of communicating with us other than always needing a face to face consultation.  This may be by telephone, email or eventually over the internet.

We are excited about these changes and we thank you for your patience while we develop this service. 

Below is a link to a 16 minute TED talk about Health Care being a team sport  – this may give some insight of what Health Care Home is trying to achieve and the direction that healthcare providers need to take to improve outcomes for patients.



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